About Us

Who are we?

  IT Grammar is a certified training and testing center that offers multiple courses in the field of IT and language. We provide equal opportunity for everyone so we target school students, university graduates, and corporate staff. We also provide an added value to our clients’ in which employment services are offered. IT Grammar aims at empowering people and providing them with all that they need in knowledge to add value to their life careers. People of different ages, genders, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and religions are welcome to be our trainees. Click here to know more about us.

Why are we unique?

 What differentiates us is the number of tests we offer exclusively at the center. We are the only ETA, ATC, and Pearson Vue Select certified testing center in Lebanon. In terms of training, we have exclusive, authentic equipment and resources that are needed to conduct our classes effectively. As a training center, we always take into consideration the financial crises in Lebanon so we thrive to provide reasonable fees to our trainees.

 Our instructors

 IT Grammar instructors are certified, qualified, and experienced. IT Grammar ensures to hire trusted instructors that can help contribute to achieving our goal of providing quality education. Instructors are chosen to be specialized in their field, as well as professional in their teaching method.


Quality education, trust, equal opportunity, reliable consultation, instant assistance, and professional service. 

Clients’ reviews

  1. The course was very helpful because the course forced me to practice everything we learned on my client’s Business Instagram page. I found the opportunities for small group discussions quite valuable. It helped to solidify the concepts being presented by the instructor while it gave us a moment to clarify our own thoughts on the subject and to also gain from how others interpreted the topic at hand. This led to a richer learning experience.” – A. H. Digital Marketing Fundamentals Student (2/2022)
  2. I got an overall score of 80, I really didn’t expect this result. I thank you for your service at the center, it was very relieving and your staff was very helpful. I wish you the best!” – H.E. PTE test taker (1/2022)


  1. The reasons behind grammatical rules
  2. The printed papers for exercise and practice
  3. The speaking and pronunciation exercises
  4. The letter writing examples
  5. Overall it was a fruitful experience with a lovely instructor


  •  O.T. German Language A2 Student (10/2021)
  1. It was an interesting course perfectly prepared and presented.  The teacher did a great job looking forward to the next level” – M.B. Swedish A1 Student (6/2020)
  2. This course surprised me and was over my expectations, by that I mean it is really good and beneficial. The teacher is open to our questions, and he is very good at explaining. Thank you” – A. I. Turkish A1 Student (5/2020)