Language Courses

Language Education at IT Grammar

IT Grammar offers various language courses, online and on-premise. We mainly focus on teaching: ENGLISH, TURKISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, and SWEDISH. IT Grammar also provides Italian, and Spanish courses at exclusive times! 

The levels of each language are divided based on the international language framework (CEFR) which are represented as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.  Each main level takes 2 months (20 sessions) of preparation. Check out how the language programs are provided at the center. In order to launch a course, a minimum of 5 students must be enrolled in it.  

Our monthly language courses are made up of 10 sessions, 2.5 hours each. The time of the sessions is divided into language theory and practice, a 5-minute break, and 1 session of exam preparation.


Our Philosophy

We always make sure to provide quality education, for that case we take every student’s level into consideration. IT Grammar has developed placement tests for each language, so if you already have a background in any of these languages you can undergo a placement test to check from which level you should start.

Our classes have a limited number of students since we want to guarantee that each student gets the chance to participate in class.

Language education is unlike any other education, it requires lots of practice, follow-up, and different ways of implementation. That’s why IT Grammar follows the guidelines of teaching language in terms of speaking, reading, listening, and writing; these 4 skills must be acquired in order to master a new language. Grammar and vocabulary are indirectly learned within these  4 skills.


Customized Lessons

IT Grammar provides private language courses in ANY global language you aspire to learn. We ensure that our choice of teachers is the best for you. Private courses are 2 hours, a total of 20 sessions, and can be done in less or more sessions depending on the student’s progress. The schedule is assigned according to the student’s and teacher’s time preferences.